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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So here you can see the hop bag, peppers, juniper berries, and the dark wort. A quick taste tells lengths will be unique, and friggin good! Three peppers was the perfect amount, I can't wait until its done to see what other flavors come through.

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You're making what?!?

With the McRiley Luau just a month away, I realized I need to make my brew. The thought crossed my mind to go for something special, different, and fun: Goat Scrotum Porter.

When I first saw this recipe in the Papazian book 'The Complete Joy of Homebrewing (3rd edition)' I knew I had to try it some day. It's a basic porter recipe with a list of additional ingredients and the note to use "one, some, or all" of them, including cinnamon, fresh Ginger, chili peppers, chocolate, juniper berries, spruce extract or tips, and brewers licorice. I upped the malts to make sure thulis goat scrotum has "balls" and am using the following:

1 lb Crystal 60'
0.5 lb dark patent
0.5 lb roasted barley

Extract / sugars
6 lb dark liquid
2 lb amber liquid
2 cups light dry malt
1 lb brown sugar
4 oz molasses

WhiteLabs WLP002 English Ale Yeast

Fresh grated Ginger (1/2 oz)
3 red chili peppers
2 inches brewers licorice
7 oz bakers chocolate
1 oz crushed juniper berries
1 oz gypsum (water hardness)

1 oz Chinook alpha 12.7 for boil
5/8 oz unknown homegrowns

I'm nearing the end of the mash and getting ready to add in all the other stuff. This aught to be good.

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