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Friday, April 2, 2010

Low Carb Beer

I decided to crack open my 11 oz flip-top tester bottle to check on the progress of this latest batch which I have scheduled for an April 6th release.

The pour shows great color, but look at the head...nearly no carbonation at all.

I honestly am pleased as punch about the beautiful color for my first red ale. It really is red.

But the lack of carbonation is a bit disconcerning. I didn't do anything different from what I normally do and have not had this problem before. Upon drinking, there is a little carb on the tongue, but not enough to work. It looks like I will have to postpone the release date by a week or so the carbonation has a chance to build properly. I will take it to Portland with me and hold it for another week, and hope to release after the guard drill. Until then, happy drinking!

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