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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Airlock time!

A short 48 hours after the brewing was done, the carboy is ready for a standard airlock. Foam is no longer getting to the blowoff tube so I can now remove it.

While ambient temp for the room is 69', the combination of a heating pad (on low for every other hour or so), two blankets, and the fermentation process itself, the bubbling wort is actually at 76'

which is the high side of where the yeast likes to be at. I will let it come down some to room temp, and that should work fine.

On second thought I think I will wait until the morning to trade airlocks...the foam wasn't quite done so better safe than sorry.

And so until tomorrow, I leave you with a picture of the Christmas present from my mom-inlaw.

Can't wait to use em all...

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