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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

...And welcome back.

As you can see we are at a perfect 66' F which means it's time to take our first readings. Using a hydrometer, I can measure the sugars in the beer and a second reading after fermentation will tell me how much sugar was turned into alcohol.

Using a turkey baster of all things, I transfer some wort into a flask and drop in the hydrometer.

These two sides are most important for our readings, potential alcohol and specific gravity. The third side is sugar percentage, or 'balling'.

The potential alcohol reads at just over 8%, I'd call it 8.1%. Notice the beautiful color!

Balling at 15.5% sugar.

And last but not least, a specific (or starting) gravity of 1.062. I will need to adjust for the temperature since it is most accurate at 60, and the wort is at 73', I will get online and let the internets do my math. And voilĂ  the Internet strikes again. According to my corrected specific gravity is 1.063526088...we'll just keep it at 1.0635. Next up, adding the bean and the yeast!

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  1. Do you have beer-ter shots of the hydrolammamometer? I can't see the colors and I can't tell.