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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Beans and Yeast

Now it is time to split and add the vanilla bean and then pitch the yeast.

Once that is in, I pitch the yeast.

And now it's time to shake it up!

Shaking, or aerating, the wort basically mixes the yeast into the beer. And since the yeast will be very active for the first day, I will install a blowoff tube with the other end in a bucket of chlorine water.

The blowoff tube allows excess foam to exit the airlock I created without blocking it up. The chlorine in the water prevents any bacteria from ruining the beer. At this point I just wait for a couple days, and once the blowoff tube is no longer needed I will replace it with a standard airlock. Until later, Huzzah Beer!

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  1. All of this is included in my $50 Mr.Beer kit?

    By the way, I really enjoy watching this process. After all the years you have been making beer, I never knew how you did it. I always thought it was majicks. (JohnSOn)